Master Duel: Recent Updates (Continued Part)


May's events for Master Duel include the return of the Limit 1 Festival, a combined event between the Fusion Festival and Link Festival, along with a new Solo Mode for Naturia! 🎉🃏🌿

Leak 2

It looks like Konami is planning to add new features to Ranked Duels, including new Loaner Decks for new players and possibly a new Rank after Master Rank.. 🏆🃏🌟

Latest Update: It seems there will be a special Solo Mode "Tactical-Try Deck" for Cyber ​​Dragon, Eldlich and Twins Loaner Decks.

So while there is reason to believe that they will also be used for Loaner Decks in Ranked Duels, there is no 100% certainty that it will be them. 🤖💀👯

New animations

The following cards will have new animations in the game
And one more small change: When replaying a match, you can see the winner at the coin toss 🔄👀

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